Man falls to his death while jumping between buildings in New York city, police say

NEW YORK (WPVI) -- A 21-year-old man died after police said he apparently tried to jump from one Manhattan building's rooftop to another - but didn't make it.

According to police, the man had been drinking Tuesday night before attempting the jump from the roof of 357 West 45th Street to 359 West 45th Street in Hell's Kitchen. They said it appears he used a canvas bag contraption that was strapped to his back to try to help him.

The image above shows the Google Street View perspective of the area between the buildings.

Construction workers found his body in an air shaft the next afternoon. Pieces of the canvas bag were found on the roof, in the air shaft and in the man's hands.

Police said the man was from the Czech Republic and had come to New York City two weeks ago to work.
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