Herr's celebrates 75 years of family-run snack food success

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A household name in snack foods started with one man, a dream, and a black kettle in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Today, Herr's is rooted and based in Chester County and is still run by the same family.

They're celebrating a milestone anniversary: 75 years, and it all started with a classic potato chip.

You may not think of Herr's as a mom-and-pop business, but right now it's run by the second and third generation. It all started with James Herr.

"He would make the chips in black kettles in the basement of the house by hand, slice some potatoes and put them in oil," says Ed Herr, the president and CEO of Herr's.

"He then put them in tins. He would put these tins on people's doorsteps with a note inside and it said, 'If you enjoy these chips and you would like another tin, please put X amount of money in the tin. When I pick it up, I'll leave you a fresh tin.' That was 1946.'"

Every day on their farm in Nottingham, more than 500,000 pounds of potatoes are delivered and turned into 12 million bags of potato chips.

Herr thinks of his father with each bag.

"He told me, 'Ed, there was a day when I dreamed of having 10 trucks on the road,'" Herr recalls. "Now, there's maybe 500 or 600. It's a lot to be proud of."

Today, Herr's is the nation's largest privately-owned and family-owned snack company.
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