Adults succumbing to 'Fortnite' frenzy

Action News previously brought you the story of legions of kids becoming addicted to a survival video game sensation called Fortnite, but it doesn't stop there. The game is apparently becoming a problem for some adults as well.

Take for example 29-year-old Kevin Reiber.

He, like an estimated 45 million players, is obsessed with Fortnite.

"I'll probably put in three hours a night," he said. "If I could put in more, I'd put in more."

Many parents have had their blood pressure elevated due to their kids' inability to get off of Fortnite, but more and more adults like Reiber are getting hooked, too.

Just last week, Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price hit the disabled list due to a mild case of carpal tunnel.

The cause? Fortnite.

The Sox ace said he's putting down the gaming controller for a while.

Ricky Bennett works for iDTech. His company puts on Fortnite camps. Several will take place in our area at Villanova, University of Pennsylvania, West Chester and Arcadia universities.

"I can tell you we will have thousands of people across our camps, including there in Philadelphia," said Bennett.

Bennett said Fortnite's popularity is tied to a few critical elements: it's free, it's easy to play, it's ever-changing and has cool graphics.

And just last month, Fortnite went mobile on iOS devices.

"It's a very fun version of the game," said Bennett. "My kids prefer playing on the tablet. That's what they grew up on."

Dr. Jesse Suh, a psychologist who deals in gaming addiction, which the World Health Organization recently recognized as a formal disorder, says moderation is key, and notes gaming can be beneficial.

"There is also a school of thought that for those with anxieties and depression. Playing these games actually perks them up," he said.

Count Reiber among those who get perked up on Fortnite.

The union plumber says he works hard and plays hard, and he's not apologizing for his love of Fortnite.

"You could be addicted to soda, sugar, I opt for the more healthy option: Fortnite," he said.

For more information on the Fortnite camps in our area, click here.


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