Saving with 6abc: Budget friendly holiday ideas on Pinterest

If you are decking your halls for holiday gatherings, you know entertaining can get very expensive.

This holiday season, event designer and lifestyle expert Tina LaMorte from Oh So Fabulous says you can create your own chic but cheap entertaining ideas with inspiration from Pinterest.

"It's cute. You can take something, do it and then brag about it," said LaMorte.

"It's a great place to go and say hey, I want something for my door. What can I do? Great, 40 things popped up and I have half of them in my house. Let's do it!" she said.

You can craft a wreath for less than $5 with a nod to old St. Nick.

Just grab a 99 cent Santa hat from a craft store, leftover greenery from where they sell Christmas trees and extra ornaments around the house for instant door dcor.

A red Solo cup can also get glammed and dressed up with blinged out buckles from a craft store, plain black ribbon and a little double sided tape.

"Look how cute that is? Whether a party with kids or friends, it glams it up and it's adorable - took me 5 minutes!" said LaMorte.

Grab some leftover ribbon and extra ornaments and for less than $5 your hand soap can get a high end holiday makeover.

"They make spray paint for literally took me 10 minutes," LaMorte says.

Finally, create a snowglobe-like centerpiece using an inexpensive apothecary jar, regular table salt and leftover ornaments.

"It's cheap and easy and at the end of the day you say hey, I did this project myself from Pinterest!" says LaMorte.

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