Havertown family's holiday display spreading joy across the community for over 20 years

What started with a few small lights on the driveway has turned into a full display across the Jackson family's entire front yard.
HAVERTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- 'Tis the season of bright lights and decked out Christmas decorations and one family's holiday display in Havertown has been spreading joy for more than 20 years.

Lawrence Road in Havertown is always very busy with traffic, especially around rush hour.

But as soon as the Jackson family turns on the lights to their holiday display, they say within 20 minutes, kids are outside with their parents taking in all the sights.

"It kind of started for our son and it just picked up," said Aaron Jackson.

His son Rick is 31 years old now, so he said the family has been sharing their holiday display for about 26 years.

"We decorated and we just really enjoyed it," said Aaron. "My wife has always been crazy about Christmas."

Rick said what started as just a few small lights at the end of the driveway has grown into a full display across their entire front yard, adding a Ferris wheel to the display this year.

"I always liked the Nativity, because I think any display always has to have a Nativity," said Trish Jackson.

"My favorite decoration has always been the sled that my grandfather built," said Rick. "He passed last year, so he's not with us anymore, but it's a little piece we can always remember him by."

The family said they keep it as the centerpiece of their yard each year.

"The one year we didn't light the decorations up when my mom passed away, we were getting cards and people knocking on the door. We really didn't realize how much it meant to so many people," said Trish.

"A lot of people were coming up and asking us if anything was wrong. They were really concerned because we had done it every year. It was really nice," added Aaron.

Every year, the Jacksons say more and more people tell them how much their display means to them and how much they look forward to it every holiday season.

"We're happy it means so much to so many people, because it means a lot to us as well," said Trish.
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