Berks County family left 'stranded' after driveway washes away

MOHNTON, Pa. (WPVI) -- For the last few days, Larry Evans has had a very difficult time getting to and from his Berks County, Pennsylvania home.

"I never thought it'd be like this," Evans said standing at the new end of his driveway. "We're stranded actually," he added.

Evans said Wednesday's heavy rain caused a rush of water from a creek to rush down the hill of his home that sits atop of Yorkshire Road.

Now, the only drivable access to his home has been cut off.

"It's dangerous right now," Evans explained, adding that there is no way for police or fire to reach his home.

"What you see outward is my Marine Corps training, man. Inside I'm falling apart," he said.

Evans said insurance told him the damage is not covered. The gas company that has been running pipelines through his property and removed several trees where the water gushed from, has also refused to help.

"Who's helping me? No one!" Evans exclaimed.

After the driveway eroded, his family got creative with trying to figure out how they were going to get back home.
They tried to create a bridge made of rocks, but that didn't work, so the family built a temporary wooden footbridge.

Neighbors who stopped by Sunday for a visit were stunned.

Kenny Stoudt stopped by on his wedding anniversary to lend a hand by putting up some caution tape.

"I happened to go by and saw that there wasn't caution tape so I figured I'll run up here quick," Stoudt said.

Right now, that kindness is the only thing Larry says he can count on.

"When it's money involved, everybody backs away," Evans said.

Evans says a contractor told him the repair job could cost $20,000.

"I'm retired. So, OK, you understand where I'm coming from. $20,000 is a lot of money," he says.

Evans says if the gas company doesn't help he is not sure what he will do.

"I don't see light at the end of the tunnel. The only thing I see is a big freight train coming at the other end," he says.
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