Homes damaged in Cobbs Creek collapse

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Monday, July 7, 2014
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Ten people have been displaced following a row home collapse in the Cobbs Creek section of Philadelphia.

WEST PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Ten people have been displaced following a row home collapse in the Cobbs Creek section of Philadelphia on Monday.

It happened with little warning just before 12 p.m. in the 6000 block of Spruce Street.

Investigators say, at this point, it seems that one of the homes simply crumbled, destroying a second home and leaving a third at risk of collapse.

The force of the collapse was enough to push the porch of one of the homes out over the front stoop.

Fortunately there was no one inside any of the homes.

There was however a search effort started to find Christine Chapman's champion Scottish deerhound show dogs Duncan and Brie.

Her son called her at work saying their family home had collapsed, knowing the dogs were inside.

Chapman says those dogs are kind of like family.

"They're better than family because they listen and they don't give you back talk," she said.

It took about two hours but Duncan was found running around the neighborhood while Brie was safely pulled from the rubble by rescue crews.

Both dogs were scare and a bit dehydrated but overall okay.

Ten people from four different families have been displaced but no one was injured. The Red Cross is assisting those displaced.

Councilwoman Janie Blackwell arrived on the scene shortly after the collapse.

"The council thought they allocated more dollars but obviously we still have so many problems in an aging city in many places," she said.

Councilwoman Blackwell adds that all things considered, this could've been much worse.

"I was just praying that no one was hurt. As bad as it is, we're grateful that no one was hurt," she said.

Officials say the homes have no history of violations or complaints.

Under local law, cleanup is the responsibility of the homeowner. If L&I comes in to clean up, the homeowner will get hit with the bill so the hope is that the homes are properly assured.

As for the cause, the investigating is still ongoing.