House swept into flood waters in Cape May County

MIDDLE TWP., N.J. (WPVI) -- A house in Middle Township, New Jersey, fell victim to flood waters late Friday night.

A Facebook photo sent to Action News showed a house in the Grassy Sounds area in peril, reportedly dislodged from its moorings.

By nightfall the vacant house, which police say was not connected to utilities, was sinking into the bay.

Saturday morning, its remains swept into the entrance of Turtle Creek about a half mile away.

House swept into the floods waters in Middle Twp., New Jersey near North Wildwood.

One theory is storm fueled tides and wind overwhelmed the more than century-old structure that was bolted to pilings.

"The current was so strong in the storm search I looked at the timbers, 16-inch creosote timbers, 60-feet long, broken like toothpicks," said Stuart Tate, the home's owner since 1992.

Tate was trying to get warm Saturday afternoon in his car after being in the water where what he called his "Ski Shack" once was.

"I'm always water skiing with family and friends. I taught hundreds of people to ski," said Tate.

The house was part of Grassy Sound, a rustic fishing village near North Wildwood.

It's not fancy said its unofficial mayor Chuck Dahmer.

House swept into the floods waters in Middle Twp., New Jersey near North Wildwood.

"We just love it here, you love it or you don't like it, there is no in between," said Dahmer.

One concern is the current wreckage in the water could break apart during high tides and become a hazard to navigation.

Capt. Jack Moran of Sea-Tow Cape May has handled such work in the past.

"I would bring a barge in with a crane and take it a part pieces at a time," said Moran.

If that is to happen this time officials said it would likely be ordered by the Coast Guard.

Mr. Tate's historic, landmark house is gone, but he vows, "I am going to stay Jersey Strong and rebuild."

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