Helping Hands: New Jersey businesses giving back during COVID-19 crisis

GLOUCESTER CITY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Like many restaurants, Michael Soll's profits are down at RiverPark Pub in Gloucester City, New Jersey. But his phone keeps ringing.

"I put a post on our Facebook page saying, 'Hey, if you don't have anything, call us,'" said Soll.

His offer: A free meal to any senior citizen in town who needs one. This week, he says, he's given away 100 meals, far more than he's sold.

"We all need money, we all want money. But when you hear someone hasn't eaten in three days, four days. I think someone having food on their table is more important than me making a buck," said Soll.

He says he'll continue giving away free meals to any senior citizen in Gloucester City as long as he's able.

Behind Trinity Presbyterian Church in Cherry Hill, workers with Greenway Pressure Washing scrubbed and sanitized the nursery school playground for free.

"Right now we're focusing a lot of our time on trying to give back to our community by cleaning and sanitizing any public areas," said owner Jamie Schmidt.

The playgrounds they're cleaning aren't being used right now - they're all closed. But Senior Pastor Greg Faulkner says whenever the students are allowed to come back, it'll be cleaned and sanitized.

"The guys showed up today and did a super job and we're grateful," said Faulkner.

Meanwhile, the sisters behind Sweet T's Bake Shop in Haddonfield were doing some serious brainstorming.

"We're just trying to create something that can keep people busy and keep us afloat at the same time," said Toni Moshen, who owns Sweet T's with her sister, Chrissy Dalton.

The winning idea? A decorate your own cookie and cupcake box - brought out to your car. Parents say it's money well spent.

"We thought it would be a fun activity to take a break from our school work today," said Cindy West of Cherry Hil.

It's giving the bakery a much-needed boost.

"The phone has not stopped ringing all day," said Moshen. "It's really great. It's amazing."
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