Downingtown High School West putting plans together for upcoming sports season

DOWNINGTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The COVID-19 pandemic is also having a major impact on sports. Athletes at local colleges and high schools are still waiting to see what their seasons will look like.

Athletics aren't everything at Downingtown High School West. But when you see the gym walls decorated with nearly full banners of championship teams, you know athletics is steeped in tradition.

Soon the fields and courts might look a little more lively again.

Athletic Director Corey Sigle says he's presented a three-phase plan to the school board to get student-athletes practicing again.

"All of our phases, all student-athletes and coaches need to take a pre-training survey each time, that includes a temperature check," said Sigle.

Phase 1 would start on July 6, which would mean students can practice outside only.

"That'll be individual skills and drills and then individual fitness, just trying to get us back into shape," said Sigle.

He hopes Phase 2 would start roughly two weeks later.

"It would allow some indoor activity but again it's going take into account social distancing. We'd combine some drills and some small-sided things but no inter-squad scrimmages," said Sigle.

Then come August, hopefully, Phase 3 can begin and that means scrimmages.

Could sports happen this fall?

Sigle says, "I feel like that changes every hour. One minute I'm like alright this is positive, this is happening, looking good here. Then I'm like, how are we gonna do this bringing in all the areas of the state?"

The proposal to go ahead with the phases in Downingtown still has to be approved by the school board.

As for local universities, we know Villanova plans to have sports.

However, in a recent video message, President Reverend Peter M. Donohue said they're still sorting out the details.

"We anticipate that our varsity teams will compete but details surrounding safety requirements and fan participation are still being finalized," said Donohue.
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