Hunger Harness 2.0 takes game day to a whole new level

The new design of the Hunger Harness takes game day to a whole new level.

Last year we introduced a new contraption designed to make it easy to shovel Super Bowl snacks into your mouth without ever having to stand up.
Hunger Harness lets you wear your food on game day

This year's model of the Hunger Harness has a thermal pouch to keep your food warm while you wear it, as well as a portable buffet tables, a built-in drink compartment and a hands-free straw.

The harness also comes with an integrated dip tray for two sauces.

The design includes a built-in paper towel holder and a small trash can so you truly never have to get up.

The detachable neck pillow helps you recover from the food coma.

You can get all of that for just $3.99.
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