Officials, residents at Jersey shore prepare for Dorian impacts

WILDWOOD, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Down the shore, windy conditions, rough seas and ominous clouds are the results of Hurricane Dorian, which as of Thursday evening remained hundreds of miles away.

"What's unique is that you can go from picturesque beach weather two days ago...and now you are into storm mode," said Terry O'Neill of Wildwood.

North Wildwood is just one of many shore towns preparing for the local impacts from Dorian.

Beach Patrol Captain Bill Ciavarelli says he's already seen some beach erosion and there is concern about rough seas, flooding and strong winds.

"We are flying a red flag, meaning no swimming today and definitely tomorrow. Tomorrow we are looking possible gust of up to 30 miles per hour," said Captain Ciavarelli.

Residents are thankful the storm is moving away from our area but are not taking any chances.

"I put my furniture away today and I don't know whether we are going to get anything that bad or what, but I am trying to protect my house," said Eileen Handschuh of Wildwood.

We won't see a direct hit from Dorian, but many say they are concerned about people living down south.

"I am worried about my cousins in South Carolina. The O'Neill's who live down there, they are in for a rough time in Charleston," said O'Neill.

Beach patrol employees know hurricane season is far from over.

"We don't see anything after Dorian right now but again, we will find out week to week," said Ciavarelli.

Another concern with the rough seas is flooding at high tide. Officials say Friday is a bad beach day and urge beachgoers to stay out of the water.
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