'I was scared to death': Store owners on edge after 'Double-Barreled Bandit' robbery

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Store owners in the Logan section of Philadelphia are on edge after man pulled out two guns during a convenience store robbery.

It happened at Collado Grocery at 4900 North Hutchinson Street.

Police said the suspect walked into the store, pulled out the two weapons, and demanded all the money in the register.

"I was scared to death," store owner Carlos Reyes said. "I was thinking about my wife and my mom. I gave him all the money so nothing would happen."

The 'Double-Barrel Bandit' got away with $200. Reyes was not injured.

For him, it's the cost of doing business.

"I have to work to support my family, I have three sons and a wife and my mother depends on me," Reyes said.

Other merchants like Juan Soto, the owner of United Mini Market, are particularly chilled by video of the robber with two guns.

Soto said, "If he came here, anybody came here, I just give him the money, that's it. I'm not gonna resist or nothing."

Gladys Tejada said she takes a chance everyday coming to work behind the counter at her family convenience store.

She claimed many problems stem from people being high on drugs.

As the suspect remains at large, merchants still come to work because they have to make a living.

"I have to be on my toes," said Reyes. "Keep an eye out and stay alert."

Anyone with information should call Northwest Detectives.
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