New study links a 31% increased risk of cardiac arrest with ibuprofen.

CHICAGO, Ill. (WPVI) -- A new study is raising concerns about taking the over-the-counter painkiller ibuprofen, and whether it could boost your chances for cardiac arrest.

A lot of people take Ibuprofen.

It's the active ingredient in Advil and Motrin.

A large study in Denmark shows it could increase the risk for cardiac arrest-- that's when the heart suddenly stops pumping blood by 31%.

The researchers looked at 29-thousand people who had suffered cardiac arrest, and whether they took ibuprofen in the 30 days leading up to the problem.

If so, they found the risk for cardiac arrest went up by a third.

Experts say it's still a relatively small risk.

And American experts think the risk is for those who already have heart problems.

But if you do have heart disease, talk to your healthcare provider about what's best for you.

And if you take ibuprofen, only take what you need for short periods of time.

NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen are already linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke but are perceived as "safe drugs" because they're sold pretty much everywhere.
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