Illegal dumper in Point Breeze caught on video

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Many people who live in Point Breeze say illegal dumping is nothing new, but seeing someone unload their truck in broad daylight is a new low.

Mydi Le is the neighbor who shot video this past Saturday afternoon at the corner of Point Breeze Avenue and Tasker Street.

"There were several witnesses on the street calling him out, trying to get him to leave and he just stared at us, dropped everything on the lot and drove away thinking that it was no big deal," said Mydi.

There is a lot of new construction underway in this part of the city, and we found two other nearby locations where someone dumped a pile of unwanted building material and debris.

But this is certainly not just a problem in Point Breeze.

City officials say they removed 1.1 million pounds of illegally dumped material last year alone.

Councilman Kenyatta Johnson says the city is now actively going after illegal dumpers.

He says, "We've been working very closely, and when I say we, I mean the city of Philadelphia, the district attorney's office, in prosecuting contractors who illegally dump across the city of Philadelphia."

In fact, Philadelphia has taken 14 cases of illegal dumping to trial over the last five months alone, handing out fines as high as $5,000.

Mydi says she hopes the person in her video is the next dumper to go before a judge.

"To just see someone walk in and dump, probably, what is the full contents of a house into this green lot is just so disrespectful," she says.
Her neighbors, like Charisse Gay, agree.

"They have box trucks and everything and all you have to do is call the city and they'll come and get it when they have a location they can take it to. This is ridiculous," said Gay.

If you think you may know who is responsible for the mess at Point Breeze and Tasker, please call police.
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