Indoor cycling class right in your home

Thursday, June 11, 2015
VIDEO: Go to a spinning class right in your home
There's now a way to get the experience of a spinning class right in your living room.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- There's now a way to get the experience of a indoor cycling class right in your living room.

Ashley Staller, a busy mom, has worked off about 10 pounds in just a few months, and she did it with the help of a live cycling instructor - from her home.

It's called Peloton and it's the new reality in fitness.

For $39 per month, plus the cost of the bike, Peloton broadcasts live and on-demand cycling classes right to you.

"It is on your schedule, your location and you always have a seat."

We spoke with founder John Foley by Skype from Peloton's studio control room in New York City.

"Twelve live classes a day and then thousands of on-demand rides from some of the top instructors in the world," he said.

Foley says the bike is equipped with the latest technology. It also includes a waterproof tablet that helps riders zero in on their ride.

To bring you that live event, Foley said "We actually have 5 cameras that rotate around that experience on tracks."

"That makes you feel like you are in the class."

There's also a leaderboard so riders streaming in from across the globe can compete with each other.

"The instructor will actually gauge you through the leaderboard. They will see whoever is in the class and give you a shout out wherever you are in the world."

For Ashley, she says the community is what keeps her going.

"It pushes me to push myself even further," Staller said.

To bring the live Peloton experience into your home, you have to buy the bike, which costs almost $2,000.

However, the company does offer its on-demand classes on their app to people who have other bikes.

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