Subpar parks? Artist turns ridiculously bad reviews of landmarks into funny posters

During the pandemic, many people discovered the beauty of America's national parks as they looked for ways to get out and stay socially-distanced.

But apparently, not everyone finds the parks majestic or amazing, and so they do what negative people do and post their complaints online.

Designer Amber Share decided to have a little fun with people's snarky comments about the national parks.

So she created a series of funny, tongue-in-cheek travel posters titled "Subpar Parks."

Of the Mojave National Preserve: Pretty Ugly.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area: Only Fog.

On her Instagram, Amber writes that the posters are real negative reviews of national parks.

Apparently, America's best idea wasn't that great, she added.

She posts her own dose of reality in the posts.

So for Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park... the poster reads "just not impressive."

"Just a canyon created over the course of two million years, exposing mind-blowing patterns of rock that's over two billion years old. Nothing interesting here," Amber comments.

She calls the series a positive fun spin on such a negative mindset.

She's made the posters into postcards and compiled a book that's coming out this summer.

And, thanks to the sales from the project, Amber makes regular donations to the National Park Foundation and other outdoor-related causes.
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