Are you an Instagram Husband?

If you've ever seen an incredibly lit, perfectly staged, Instagram photo and wondered, "Does she have a professional photographer following her around to capture these moments??"

Chances are, she just has what's now being called an "Instagram Husband."

According to the folks at The Mystery Hour, they are the guys who spend their days taking thousands of pictures for the wives who want to Instagram literally everything.

Those silent partners are now banding together in a hilariously accurate video that's going viral.

In addition to the video, the comedy group created a website for Instagram husbands to document their social media plights.

Like this guy who knows the food will sit there for 8 minutes before they can eat it:

Instagram Husband

Or the husband whose wife makes him take photos of her sleeping:

Instagram Husband

And definitely the spouse who demonstrated the look you give when your wife gets an idea for a ridiculous photo shoot:

Instagram Husband

If you're not sure if you are an Instagram husband, don't worry.

They have a funny quiz to help you figure that out, as well as a tongue in cheek rehab program.
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