Neighbors of Darby Creek prepare for Tropical Storm Isaias

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Darby Creek is an area of concern for flooding during Isaias

DARBY, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Darby Creek looks calm now but neighbors have seen its powerful force during heavy rainstorms. They're preparing for whatever may come tomorrow during Tropical Storm Isaias.

Recalling the latest flood, William Phillips has seen the damage Darby Creek can cause first hand.

"Every time it rains hard, it overflows," said Phillips.

The corner of McDade Boulevard and Springfield road in Darby Borough is notorious for flooding. Its proximity to Darby Creek is to blame, providing constant headaches for property owners.

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Darby Creek flows through 33 municipalities through Chester, Delaware and Philadelphia counties, moving south-southeast towards the Delaware River.

Jaclyn Rhoads of the Darby Creek Valley Association says because of its vast coverage area, there isn't a cohesive government plan to stop flooding, caused mostly by storm runoff.

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"We need to capture that storm water, use rain gardens, restore buffers that help to funnel that water into waterways. It means everyone in their backyards using rain barrels, it's a huge effort," said Jaclyn Rhoads of the Darby Creek Valley Association.

In preparation for tomorrow's potential heavy downpours, Dennis Moffit says he's already planning on losing utilities in his apartment building.

"We're thinking about going to a hotel already because that's what we had to do a couple weeks ago. Just going to get through it," said Dennis Moffit.

The timing of the rainfall with high tide may play a role in the amount of flooding we could expect to see.