New Jersey assemblyman wants to place mobile COVID-19 units on boardwalks

TRENTON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- There is a new proposal designed to make the Jersey Shore a safer place this summer.

"Be vaccinated, be tested and have fun again at the Jersey Shore," said New Jersey Assemblyman Ronald Dancer.

Dancer wants your summer trip down the shore to include a COVID test or even a vaccination. He's proposing a bill that urges the state Department of Health to provide mobile testing and vaccination units at the Jersey shore.

"Let's place them on the boardwalk. We need to take these mobile units to where the people are and we want to bring the people back to the state of New Jersey," he said.

Dancer says the idea makes sense. He says warmer weather means more people will be flocking to the shore. His goal is to increase tourism dollars and promote safety.

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New Jersey Assemblyman Ronald Dancer wants your summer trip down the shore to include a Covid test or even a vaccination.

"This is a win-win because this is both a pandemic and economic recovery effort," said Dancer.

As expected, some leaders down the shore don't agree with the idea.

"To have it on the beach or the boardwalk? No," said Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman.

Mayor Holtzman says she's all in favor of more testing and vaccinations but says the beach and boardwalk are not the right places.

"I think people at this point are so COVID overloaded, that the last thing they want to see is even a mobile vehicle near the beach or boardwalk," said Mayor Holtzman.

The mayor says seeing mobile units would disrupt the tranquility and the idea of visiting the shore. She says there are already enough dedicated places to get tested and vaccinated.

"The mega-site can handle an enormous amount and then, I know, that within 20 miles of where I live, CVS now has them, Walgreens has them," said Holtzman.

Dancer says he understands the concerns and it's why he wants input from every community about where the COVID units should be placed.

"Where practical and feasible, but strategically placed in the communities of the Jersey shore. We want every community to be part of the dialogue, part of the process," said Dancer.

Dancer says he expects the bill to be on the governor's desk before the summer.

Dancer says the proposal is receiving bipartisan support.

You can read more about the proposal here.
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