Healthy and delicious food options at the Jersey Shore

OCEAN CITY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Off the boardwalk in Ocean City, you'll find Heart Beet Kitchen.

"Heart Beet is a vegan, gluten free, peanut free restaurant," said Kelsey Coyne.

The restaurant has familiar food prepared in a creative way, including their cheesesteaks.

"We take portabella mushrooms, we cut em down, saute on the grill, season them a bit-- cook with sauteed onions and cashew cheese," said Coyne.

Or you can get a cauliflower sandwich.

"It's a healthier take on buffalo wings," she said.

And the signature dish is the Heart Beet burger.

"So it has beets, beans, celery, onions," she explains.

Head over to Avalon for some good vibes, where a mother-daughter team opened Goodness Bowls.

"We have smoothies, juices, salads, or most popular item is acai bowls," said Corinne Persichetti.

That's acai berries blended and topped with granola and fresh fruit.

For a lighter option, try a Pitaya or green bowl.

"Which is mango, banana and spirulina powder," she said.

Persichetti, an elite college athlete, came up with the recipes, designed to nourish and fuel the body.

For the "the fresh life," check out Pure Juice & Kitchen in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. Owner Vanessa Scarani uses local and organic produce to make cold-pressed juices.

"You take vitamins every day, well this could be your vitamin and it's actually the real thing," says Scarani.

A lot of research and trial and error go into each bottle.

"And this is one of your most popular? This is the number one seller in the entire store," she said.

It's called daily greens.

"A mixture of kale, spinach, cucumbers, celery, parsley, green apple which has the lowest sugar content and lemon," said Scarani.
There's also Rise and Shine and pure watermelon juice.

Plus, organic coffee, smoothies, avocado toast and breakfast jars.

"We're kind a one stop healthy shop," she says proudly.

And be sure to try her liquid gold shot - an anti-inflammatory with a bit of spice.
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