BACK TO SCHOOL: Tips to get kids comfortable wearing masks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is calling on all Americans to wear face coverings to slow the spread of COVID-19, but this can be a little tricky when it comes to kids.
Experts offer five tips to get the little ones used to wearing masks.

Most children returning to in-person learning will be required to wear a mask, so we tapped into an expert for advice on making kids comfortable.

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"We need to have realistic expectations with kids," says Jody Baumstein from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

"Just be really honest with them and encourage them to do it by talking to them about the benefits rather than persuading them or forcing them."

Baumstein says start by having a very simple and age-appropriate conversation with your child.

Next, make them a part of the process by having them choose their own mask or decorate it.
That, she says, helps them get excited about it and gives them a sense of ownership.

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Also, practice, but keep it lighthearted.

"Give them fabric and let them put masks on stuffed animals and try to just have fun with it, don't take it too seriously," she says.

Next, give verbal and physical reminders. Make sure they see you wearing one and setting an example.

Lastly, encourage open conversation and validate any concerns they might have.

Remind them that this is about health and safety and that we are all in this together.
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