Shoppers make last-minute dash to grocery store before Thanksgiving

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. (WPVI) -- It's not Christmas, but shoppers are making a list and checking it twice - it's the last-minute dash to the store before Thanksgiving.

"We've got pie, shrimp and dip, apples, cinnamon, cheese, potatoes, butter, coffee, asparagus, onions," said Anne Leith of Berwyn.

It's not all about the food. At a Wegman's in King of Prussia, this is the first holiday that shoppers can pick up wine.

"And I didn't even realize that they sell wine here now, so I get to kill two birds with one stone, and I am going to get a couple of bottles of wine for my family," said Julia Zinni of Fairmount.

If you still have some shopping to do, store mangers say expect some company in the isles, but they will be stocked and ready - even on Thanksgiving Day.

"It is pretty much shoulder to shoulder, you won't have room to move around, everybody will be bumping into each other," said Liz Thomas, Acme.

"You have this huge list you have, and then 'oh, I forgot that one thing,' so that is what we are here for," said Kevin Lang, Wegman's.

Turkey is king at most homes, but some shoppers are adding a little twist to the tradition.

"I did chili, and the chili was fantastic. It was to die for. I wish I had some right now to give to you guys," said Rose Slater of Germantown.

"It is very Caribbean because I am from Haiti, so I am going to have some rice and beans with my turkey," said Lindsey Beaubouef of Germantown.

It's a holiday filled with goodness - pies, cakes, turkey, dressing, you name it. But as people enjoy all the food, shoppers say they don't let the delectable treats cloud the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

"It is really important to me me because I get to see my sisters and my whole my family come together, so its really important to me," said Jennifer Farnum of Audobon, Pennsylvania.

"Thankful for everything God gave to me, and I am very happy," said Angeliki Zarvalas of Bala Cynwd.
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