Kitten named Firecracker recovering from apparent fireworks injuries

An adorable kitten named Firecracker is looking for a forever home after surviving what rescuers believe to be injuries from fireworks.

The 3-month-old orange tabby is recovering at the Jasper County Animal Rescue League and Humane Society in Newton, Iowa. Firecracker's name also comes from the kitten's bold personality, according to the director of the humane society, Rachel Long.

Firecracker was brought into the rescue after a call from the sheriff's department on June 26. He suffered a broken jaw, missing teeth and several burns on his face.

"We could tell that he was obviously injured and so, we got him up to the veterinarian right away," Long told ABC News. "That's when they determined that it was more than likely some type of explosion near his face. Given the time of year, it was [said] to be some type of firecracker."

Long said the kitten will need about a month to recover before finding a new family and home.
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