Lackawanna College cancels rest of basketball season following planned fight

SCRANTON, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Fallout over a fight has prompted a swift and stern response from a Pennsylvania college.

Lackawanna College in Scranton has scrapped the remaining 29 games for the men's basketball team.

In addition, some players were expelled and three coaches dismissed.

It all stems from a planned fight that members of the team allegedly attended to cheer it on.

That fight sent three people to the hospital.

The school took the disciplinary steps after they say the players didn't cooperate.

Fellow athletes, though, are urging the college to reconsider, citing the impact on players not involved who will lose scholarships as a result.

"Basketball is some of their ticket out, just like football is some of our ticket out. Sports can take you a long way," says freshman Dejahn Warren.

Lackawanna College says there is an appeal process, but it only pertains to players who were expelled.
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