Little Debbie releases 2019 snack cake rankings on Twitter and fans aren't happy

Little Debbie fans took to Twitter to express their disagreements with the recently released 2019 ranking of the company's snacks.

The top tier section titled "legends" included Oatmeal Pies, Christmas Tree Cakes and Nutty Bars.

The Twitter-verse went mad with comments such as, "Where are the Banana Twins?" "Where are the Fudge Rounds?" And "This seems almost disrespectful to Zebra Cakes."

One woman tweeted, "There's a lot of errors here. Mostly the glaring one where they put Oatmeal Cookies on the Legends list, Zebra Cakes, Swiss Rolls and Star Crunches are your snack cake triplets."

There's also a lot of buzz about Swiss Rolls which landed in the second tier called "You see it, you want it."

To which Little Debbie has stepped back in to say, "Should we adjust their ranking?"

So far 70 percent voted "Yes make it a legend."
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