Local communities react to weekend's 2 mass shootings

ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- On the Monday after a weekend when dozens of people were murdered or wounded during two more mass shootings in the U.S., most of the people we spoke with say the most shocking aspect is that it is no longer shocking.

Andrew Frank says even though he himself is a gun owner, he says the sales of high-powered rifles should be restricted.

"I'm a hunter myself, grew up that way in a rural community. We never used those guns, never had to. So, I don't think they should be available for public usage. There's no point," he said.

Then you add the allegation that the El Paso shooter was purposely targeting immigrants, Mexicans in particular.

We spoke with several people from Allentown's Latino community who say they don't even understand that mindset.

"What do you have against Mexicans? And if you feel as though they are so violent like that, but yet you're targeting them with violence. It's kind of contradictory," said Shenee Roy.

And Nicolas Brito says what happened this weekend was pure evil.

"Those were innocent people in that place. They went shopping with their families and they were murdered for being Mexican? What can I say? It's an abomination in the eyes of God," Brito said.
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