The story behind Sugar Skulls and how to create them to celebrate Día de los Muertos

HOUSTON, Texas -- Sugar skulls have become one of the most iconic parts of Día de Los Muertos traditions.

The sweet creations are decorated beautifully and placed on ofrendas, or Day of the Dead altars, to honor ancestors and loved ones who have passed away.

Jonathan Rodarte, who has been making sugar skulls since 2011, said, "We know everyone is going to go through it. Everyone is going to pass away. We're going to honor this person, set up altars, and think about them. To me, it's a joyous occasion."

A lot of thought goes into each design and it can take hours to make and decorate each one. If you would like to learn more about sugar skulls, or check out some of Rodarte's creations, visit Casa Ramirez at