Boogie down to the Andersonville 'Disco Tree' just in time for Halloween

CHICAGO -- Every couple of months, this Chicago tree transforms to celebrate holidays throughout the year.

From Valentine's Day to Easter, Pride, and of course, Halloween and Christmas.

"I named it the Disco Tree because I put the disco cones in there for Christmas and then it kind of became its own thing where there would be a decoration for every season," decorator Rich McMurray said.

McMurray moved to Andersonville 10 years ago and he's been decorating his complex ever since.

"I thought I'd decorate the building for the neighborhood and I won the decorating contest for the neighborhood association," McMurray said. "So the following year I thought I'd take it a step further and take it into the tree."

The decor gets more intricate every year and has become a staple in the community as more people began to stay home due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

"When I watch the little kids walk by and they get so excited, it just kind of encourages me to keep doing it," McMurray said.

To see more of McMurray's holiday designs, check out The Disco Tree's Facebook page.