Did you hear it? Drive-in concert in Oaks, Pa. disturbs nearby towns

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Monday, October 26, 2020
Did you hear it? Drive-in concert disturbs nearby towns
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A drive-in concert hosted by Greater Philadelphia Expo center in Oaks, PA Sunday night caused quite the stir.

OAKS, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A drive-in concert hosted by Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pa. Sunday night caused quite the stir.

While those who attended were all for the loud bass-pumping music and light show, people who live in surrounding neighborhoods also heard the show - whether they wanted to or not.

"Our windows were shaking from the bass, up until 11 o'clock. I understand the noise ordinance is until 11 o'clock, but it's Sunday night," said Mary Rehm of Phoenixville.

"What could it have been like there? I mean for real? Does it have to be that loud to be fun?" asked Don Shiffler of Phoenixville.

"It was annoying, but to find out it was five miles away was even more annoying," said Kate Remolde. "It's not like you could knock on a neighbor's house for them to turn it down."

The Electronic Dance Music concert featured Clozee, Mirsev, Mystic Grizzly and VEIL.

It was permitted and legal in all aspects, and the same concert was held at the same location on Saturday without the sound traveling.

"I've never heard anything from the Expo center before," said Remolde.

So why did the music travel so far Sunday night?

Meteorologist Adam Joseph helped to break it down saying, " Last night we had low clouds, fog and drizzle which are made of many different molecules in the atmosphere. The closer these molecules are, like last night, the farther the sound can travel as they vibrate, collide and pass that energy a greater distance, to our ears far away."

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center released this statement:

"We have been monitoring impact from our outdoor events in the communities closest to the Expo Center.

Now that we have been made aware that sound from our recent shows may have traveled further than expected, we will consult with an independent expert to help us identify and attempt to resolve audio issues that may occur.

Our goal is to continue to bring diverse and safe entertainment options to the region, without inconveniencing neighboring communities."