3 South Jersey teammates recover from torn ACL, then COVID-19 canceled senior season

After three teammates at Lower Cape May Regional School rehabbed from a torn ACL, they were ready to take on their senior season. Then the coronavirus canceled everything.

As sports injuries go, it's one of the worst out there. We saw what it did to Carson Wentz. A torn ACL carries with it an 8-10 month recovery. Last year at Lower Cape May Regional High School, three teammates all suffered torn ACLs in the same season, two in the same game.

"Just watching two of your teammates in the same game get injured within minutes of each other was awful to watch, heartbreaking," says senior Maya Critchfield.

Carina, Maya, and Delaney grew up playing this game together, and thanks to fate, they found themselves by each others' side fighting for the chance to play it again.

"The timing of it all was really a blessing and a curse because the three of us realized we had each other for support and could relate to each other with what we were going through and didn't feel as alone," says Delaney Cluff. "I couldn't have done it without Carina and Maya by my side."

"It definitely wasn't ideal that we all got hurt at the same time but just to have each others' backs through the surgery and the 8-10 month recovery and rehab process was a big help," adds Carina Raymond.

Cue the Spring of 2020. After all that hard work rehabbing, the girls were ready for their senior season and then the coronavirus struck.

"I think when I first found out that our whole season could be canceled I was in denial and just like right now I can't believe any of this could be happening," Raymond says.

"It really is just surreal to be living through events in a time like this where people are having really important things taken from them unwillingly and there's really nothing you can do about it," adds Cluff.

"To work so hard and learn everything from the beginning, relearn how to walk and run, and for that to all go away it's just devastating," agrees Critchfield.

Sometimes, life teaches us hard lessons and these three are living proof. Through the heartbreak, they've learned things about themselves that will go wherever their journey takes them.

Cluff says, "Throughout my injury and the current situation in the world, one thing I've learned is to expect the unexpected and be prepared for whatever life throws at you."

"I think with everything happening right now and everything gotten taken away from us, it's just helped me to never take anything for granted and that anything can be taken away in an instant," said Raymond.


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