Casa Ramirez owner's legacy lives on in Hispanic community

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Thursday, October 1, 2020
Celebrate Hispanic culture at Casa Ramirez!
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He spent his life fighting for others. Now multiple generations will carry on Macario Ramirez's legacy.

THE HEIGHTS -- Macario Ramirez spent his life fighting for others, and his legacy will live on with his loved ones and his iconic business, Casa Ramirez.

The shop on 19th Street in the Heights neighborhood in Houston, Texas is popular year-round with an incredible collection of art, books, and Latino culture.

But Casa Ramirez becomes a must-see every fall for Dia de Los Muertos. Ramirez and his wife Chrissie would build ofrendas to honor those who passed away. They also taught people of all ages how to build the altars, along with the sugar skulls that are popular for the holiday.

Ramirez's wife Chrissie said he never wanted someone to be treated differently because they were Latino. He fought for his community and equality with protests, and by teaching others about his culture.

Ramirez passed away in June from a heart condition. His friends said he left them so much wisdom, and they believe it's their job to now spread it. You can learn more about Macario's life and Casa Ramirez by visiting