Binge Watch Maggie Kent's "Lunch in the News Van" Series

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a reporter, our colleague Maggie Kent offers a very real glimpse into her day.

And, she's doing it with something basic - her lunch!

Now, you can find Maggie's entire "Lunch in the News Van" series is now on our 6abc streaming apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku and Android TV.

Maggie is shining a spotlight on local mom and pops, sharing personal stories and showing us what and how she eats lunch in the news van.

"'Lunch in the News Van' is the Action News van traveling anywhere and everywhere in the Delaware Valley, stopping whenever we can for some exotic lunch, learning a little bit about the people behind the lunch and sharing what we got," Maggie says.

She eats it in the passenger seat of the news van and adds, "I haven't had too many spills yet. I'm going to knock on wood!"

But she doesn't dine alone!

Maggie works with our photojournalist Yuri, who is also part of the culinary process!

"Somebody asked me the other day, 'Is Yuri eating too?' Don't worry, Yuri is well fed!"

Yuri prefers to be behind the scenes, so you won't see him in the videos.

Want to watch?

If you have a streaming device, just find the 6abc app and scroll down to "Lunch in the News Van."

Maggie also accepts suggestions of where to go for lunch, so send her a message on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!
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