FYI Philly: Sweet and savory Thanksgiving pies

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- For most of us, the holidays mean it's pie season but for two local pie shops, it's always pie season.

Whether sweet or savory, they will either offer you a warm slice that feels like a nice, nostalgic holiday hug or save you from spending time at a hot stove by doing all of your holiday baking for you.

At Magpie on South Street, it's that time of year. Pie season!

"Our Thanksgiving orders go up to 500 pies," said Holly Ricciardi, Owner of Magpie.

Holly's take on the classic pecan pie includes a layer of chocolate and the custard is mixed with cinnamon and coffee.

The Chocolate Coffee Cinnamon Pecan pie is just one of many on her holiday menu.

"We're doing our caramel apple which is so delicious. There's three pounds of apple in each pie," said Holly.

Her signature is the Butterscotch Bourbon, a recipe that originated with Holly's grandmom.

And grandma's recipe adds to the ambiance of the pie shop - the original recipe hangs on the wall.

If you want to try the recipes yourself this week, Holly came out with a cookbook with more than 90 recipes that can be purchased.

At Stargazy on East Passyunk, Sam Jacobson is bringing his British take on the pie to Philly.

"Every day there will be at least three, sometimes four of the regular savory pies," he said.

While meat pies like the beef and onion are his specialty, he also serves other pastries like sausage rolls and cornish pasties.

"Beef, onion, rutabaga, potato - very simple very comforting," said Sam.

The Norwich, England native has learned the importance of a good pie for Thanksgiving.

"I enjoy Thanksgiving - I've been here a long time," he said.

Sam will be prepping a turkey cranberry pie for the holiday, but also offers custom-made pies.

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