DA: Malvern Prep counselor promised teen Harvard admission for sex

MALVERN, Pa. (WPVI) -- A guidance counselor at a prestigious private school in Chester County is accused of pursuing a teen student for sex, even promising him admission to Harvard University in an effort to coerce him.

Emily Feeney, 40, of Wayne, Pa., was a swim coach and Director of College Counseling at Malvern Prep for two years. She has since been fired, District Attorney Tom Hogan said.

"The defendant was extraordinarily predatory in the way she attacked this 16-year-old boy, going after him again and again and again," said Hogan.

Feeney had no comment as she turned herself in on Wednesday. Her lawyer, Michael Engle, said "She's understandably upset. These are serious charges and we're taking the matter very seriously."

The investigation began on May 13th.

The teen victim told investigators that Feeney, his coach and guidance counselor, had been sending him inappropriate emails and text messages since 2014, when he was 16 years old. At one point, Feeney kissed the boy, investigators say.

The messages included a topless photo and other pictures of herself in various stages of undress, the D.A.'s office said.

She also allegedly sent such messages such as "I adore you - always have, always will."

Another allegedly read "If you ever cared about me, please don't shut me out. It's too painful."

The victim told investigators he repeatedly told Feeney to stop, saying "I'm not interested in you end of story. I'm 16. I'm not into you."

Despite the teen's rejections, Feeney continued her pursuit, the D.A. said, telling him she could use her connections to get the teen into Harvard.

She even forwarded him a message from Harvard saying the teen was a candidate for the swim team, saying "you owe me big time."

In another message, Feeney allegedly said "If you'd... just stop fighting and let it happen, you'd be a lot less uptight and much happier."

"When it's happening between a 40-year-old adult and a 16-year-old child - with that difference in power and authority - that is the sort of sexual abuse that we worry about," said Hogan.

Investigators said hundreds of emails were recovered after a search warrant. They say Feeney was sending messages from her Malvern Prep work email account.

Feeney is charged with Institutional Sex Assault, Unlawful Contact with a Minor, Corruption of Minors and Indecent Assault.

She was released on $7,500 bail.

Malvern Prep said it is cooperating fully with the investigation.
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