Toddler's secret 'man cave' - equipped with snacks and entertainment - is so relatable

We've been spending a crazy amount of time at home and sometimes it feels like the walls are closing in.

Am I right?

Sometimes you have to just get a little creative like Noah, who is proving you don't have to be a man to build a man cave.

"So, we are in our basement. He thinks nobody knows about his hiding spot. What are you doing in here bud? You have an iPad? What are you doing?" said Noah's mom, Blair Monique.

The 2-year-old from New York did a little DIY in an empty cabinet.

He set it up with all the essentials, including a blanket, entertainment and snacks.

His mom posted this beyond adorable video on social media where it's gone wildly viral.

She says he's always liked relaxing in little spaces.

And he's owning it, even confirming to mom that yes, she is disturbing his peace and he would like the door closed.

Blair wants you to know his little sanctuary doesn't have a lock and is well-ventilated. He is also never left alone in the basement.

Noah is all of us right now who want to hide from it all with snacks and shows.
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