Coronavirus affecting cell phone repair business in Manayunk

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A cellphone repair business in Manayunk is feeling the impact of the coronavirus.

For Manayunk iPhone Repair, fixing Macbooks is how they make a lot of their money. They've stocked up on replacement batteries but now they can't get any more parts in stock.

Co-owner Matt Gambone says China's manufactures aren't making the iPhone screens, batteries and other parts they need to fix devices because of the coronavirus. Workers in China aren't on the job due to the virus.

So, right now their shelves in the back at are abnormally full because they ordered ahead.

Owner Matt Gambone said, "China has a mandate that workers can't go back to work until April 8 for our industry specifically."

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With the number of reported cases of coronavirus rising in the U.S. there is a sentiment of caution, for some even worry, around catching the virus known as COVID-19.

He says if he has to, he'll purchase parts here in the United States, but that means skyrocketing prices for everyone.

"In the U.S. our prices double. Double of what we pay now, so you're talking about double across the board," he said.

Should this all go on too much longer he said, "If we can't pay the rent we're not going to be able to stay here."

His store isn't the only one.

Abdul Hamdallah is the assistant manager at the T-Mobile in the City Avenue shopping center.

"We have been short on phones, like a lot of phones out of stock," he said.

He says the big issue is iPhones.

But all local shops are working together to accommodate customers.

"We're working around with other stores, they're sending us what they have we're sending them stuff. Hopefully, we get it figured out the sooner the better," Hamdallah said.
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