Instagram star under fire after mourning loss of loved ones, tagging swimsuit details in same post

One woman is under fire for her Instagram post where she laments the deaths of her loved ones while also tagging her outfit details.

The post features Marissa Casey Grossman and her husband in Italy.

In the post she lists all of their loved ones lost, people who have "shined down on her."

She says she's living her best life for them, and she tagged the swimsuit she's wearing because "they'd all want to know too."

They meaning the relatives who are "gone too soon."

Marissa defends the post, saying, "I know that sounds weird but my grandmother got so much joy in life through me pursuing clothes" and just because someone passes away doesn't mean we need to focus on the "sadness."

If the couple looks familiar to you, it's because it is the same couple accused of staging a branded and sponsored fairytale wedding proposal.
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