Matt O'Donnell interviews DA Larry Krasner in the True Philadelphia Podcast

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Larry Krasner is unlike any district attorney Philadelphia has ever seen. He campaigned on reducing mass incarceration and revolutionizing criminal justice.

The Democrat's critics predicted he would never win the job in 2017 and are furious that he has followed through with his promises. Some believe Krasner's policies have led to a sense of lawlessness across the city.

Krasner and I spoke at length in his Center City office for this episode of the True Philadelphia Podcast (click here for a link on Apple Podcasts).

We discuss how some refer to Krasner as "America's most radical district attorney," if his election has led to a rise in murders in Philadelphia, how the opioid epidemic has contributed to violent crime, plus his ongoing battle with the head of Philadelphia's Fraternal Order of Police.

Krasner does not back down from his positions and is defiant towards his critics. He also talks about why Philadelphia is so much more violent, per capita, than New York City and how the Democrats can beat President Trump in 2020.

Recorded in Krasner's office in Center City on July 16, 2019.
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