Philadelphia officers seen carrying children to safety during dramatic standoff

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- While officers in Wednesday's Tioga-Nicetown shooting held the gunman at bay, others tried to protect neighbors, especially the smallest among them.

Highway Patrol Sergeant Ed Pisarek was seen carrying a baby away from a nearby day care center.

On Thursday, Mayor Jim Kenney became emotional as he paid tribute to the officers who helped those children.

"To see our officers carrying little babies, holding kid's hands and walking them to safety, showed me what those men and women are really about," said Kenney. "They are about protecting us. And I know we don't always do things perfectly and there's trouble and we stumble sometimes, but watching those officers carry those children and walk those children to safety gave me faith in this department, and in this city and who we are as a city."

Officials say at least 80 kids were safely escorted from daycares and schools.
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