3 sisters, all drum majors, reflect on fall sport cancellations amid COVID-19

MEDIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The Westcott family in Media, Delaware County has a very musically unique household.

Rachel, Erica and Nicole are all drum majors in the marching bands at their respective schools.

The Westcott family in Media, Delaware County has a very musically unique household.

Erica, 20, attends West Chester University, while 19-year-old Rachel attends Villanova University. Nicole, 17, is a student at Penncrest High School.

Prior to college, Erica and Rachel Westcott were also drum majors at Penncrest High School like their little sister Nicole.

The sisters say many people don't realize the drum major is a position of leadership, much like the captain of a sports team.

"A lot of people especially if they're not involved with the music community, believe that drum majors always have to play drums, which is not the case," said Erica Westcott. "We serve as a liaison between students, community, the band, the band staff, and just as a role model and student leader for the entire group."

Instead of drums, the three sisters have played the flute since grade school.

"Erica, obviously being the oldest, started the flute first," said Rachel Westcott. "And then our mom thought it would be funny if we all played the flute."

While some schools announced the cancellation for fall sports amid COVID-19, the sisters aren't letting that stop their momentum.

"My audition process was two weeks because of COVID-19, said Nicole Westcott. "We had to stay home and make videos for daily assignments."

Erica Westcott says at WCU, she has helped in efforts to conduct virtual meetings via Zoom to continue student engagement ever since March.

"During quarantine, it can be hard to stay motivated," said Rachel Westcott. "But it was kind of actually a blessing because when you're staying at home all the time, what better to do than make some music?"

For future goals, Erica says her career focus is on education and she plans to be a school teacher and also teach music lessons.

Rachel, whose path is leaning more towards science, plans to continue music as a hobby.
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