Continue skin care even after summer's end

Just because summer is over does not mean you can forget about protecting your skin.

Dermatologists say skin prevention should be year-round, and now is also a good time to get your skin checked.

Action News was there as Dr. Christine Stanko checked Tony Ryan's skin for moles or spots that look abnormal.

Ryan learned just how important this screening is five years ago.

He says his wife noticed a suspicious spot on his back and sent him to get checked.

That freckle turned out to be fine, but Dr. Stanko spotted another area of concern.

"There was a very dark-looking freckle in this area," said Dr. Stanko.

And it looked different than the rest.

A biopsy determined it was melanoma.

"If it does spread, it is the most deadly form of skin cancer," said Dr. Stanko.

Fortunately, in Ryan's case it was caught early, before it spread.

"She said thank your wife for getting you in here, which I am very grateful for that," said Ryan.

Ryan admits when he was younger he spent a lot of time in the sun with no sunscreen.

Now he's vigilant about wearing it, and seeking shade.

Dr. Stanko says even though it's not summertime, prevention is still important.

"The sun is still there and still intense enough to cause damage, so we do recommend year-round use to exposed areas," said Dr. Stanko.

She says fall is also a good time to get checked. Any color from the summer should be faded, and that sometimes makes it easier to spot problems.

Ryan also recommends looking out for loved ones.

"Look at your spouse or your partner, and if you see something that is concerning, mention it to them, and perhaps have it checked out by the doctor," said Ryan.
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