'Mermaid bride' fulfills dream to get married in the ocean

One couple was able to make their dream of a "mermaid" wedding in the ocean a reality, even though they were told it would be impossible.

Susana of Newton, New Jersey and Jovany of Medellin, Colombia were married off the coast of the Mexican island of Cozumel. They had a vision to get married in the water itself rather than just beside it. Susana said water has always been important to her.

"I have always loved the water. I'm a scuba diver and was fortunate enough to grow up with a pool in the backyard and the sea not far away," she said. "My happiest days were always in the water."

Susana the ''mermaid bride'' married her husband Jovany in the ocean off the coast of the Mexican island of Cozumel.

Del Sol Photography

A wedding planner had said that it would be too logistically complicated to have their wedding, complete with more than 100 guests, in the ocean, so the couple began to consider having a traditional beach wedding.

But their photographer, Sol Tamargo, was excited by the idea of photographing such a wedding. She convinced them that their dream wedding was worth the extra planning.

"Doing something out of the ordinary is challenging but we live for these unique moments - the more 'impossible' the better!" she said.

It took two boats and a catamaran to transport the guests. A photography team of eight people used underwater cameras and drones to capture the beautiful scenery, the bride's pink "mermaid" dress and all the intimate moments of their special day.

See more photos from the wedding on the Del Sol Photography website or social media pages.

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