11th grader with non-stop headache champions more migraine help

FAIRMOUNT PARK (WPVI) -- As a high school junior, you'd think Maddie Goldsborough would be focused on SATs, choosing future colleges, and a busy social life.

The Germantown Friends School student loves to play field hockey and read, but she's also immersed in raising awareness on migraines.

She understands the pain too well, having suffered the debilitating headaches since she was 4.

Maddie Goldsborough

And after suffering a number of concussions over 3 years, she's had a constant headache for 4 years.

Depending on her activity, she also experiences icepick headaches - head-splitting episodes which can last from 30 seconds to a minute.

"Having a headache all the time is like running a marathon without knowing how much energy you still have. I never know where my breaking point is until I've about reached it," says Maddie.

On Saturday, Oct. 6th, Maddie will continue her mission of awareness at the Miles for Migraine Walk/Run on Forbidden Drive, 120 West Northwestern Avenue, in Philadelphia.

The event starts at 8:30 a.m.

Miles for Migraine is trying to spread the word that migraine and head disorders aren't just ordinary headaches, but life-changing chronic illnesses.

The non-profit is also working on finding better treatments, and ultimately, a cure.

Finding medications that work without terrible side effects has been a challenge for Maddie.

It took almost 2 years to find a sleep medication that enabled her good rest through the night.

She says vision therapy has been very helpful for her.

Maddie says Miles for Migraine has been instrumental in helping her meet doctors, new friends, and other teens with migraine.

All have helped her get through the tough days.

Right now, her goal is to help other teenagers suffering from migraine.

But her ultimate goal is to find a career in biomedical science, focusing on neurology and the hunt for migraine cures.

For more information on Saturday's walk, click here.
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