Woman gives mink coat to fast food employee

Friday, December 19, 2014
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An act of kindness meant one incredible gift for a fast food employee.

LIBERTY, TX -- An incredible act of kindness in Southeast Texas left one Whataburger employee beside herself.

Cheryl Semien said a customer handed her a Mink coat after she paid the woman a compliment. The generosity happened Wednesday on Semien's birthday. She told us she was at work at the Whataburger on US 90 in Liberty around 10 AM when the customer pulled up to the drive-thru window.

"She was a perfect stranger, I didn't know this lady from nowhere," said Semien. "I didn't see her come through my drive-thru window as long as I've been at Whataburger for nine years."

We tracked down the woman, behind the kind gesture. After some convincing, Nadine agreed to speak with Eyewitness News. She did not want her last name used, and said she simply did what felt right. Nadine revealed the coat is worth around $10,000.

"The lady said that's a beautiful coat and she was so sweet," said Nadine. "So I took it off and handed it to her through the drive-thru window."

Other Whataburger employees said Semien's reaction proved priceless. They us she was yelling, as if she won a million dollars. The random giving gathered a whole lot of attention around the small. For other customers like Evelyn Moore, she said it made her feel good.

"It's good to know we still have people who wants to gives, and hogs off and does it," said Moore.

Semien said she'll treasure the coat and can't wait to pair it up with some boots.