Model suffers 2nd-degree burns after photo shoot gone wrong

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (WPVI) -- A model in Vancouver, British Columbia is recovering after suffering severe burns at a photo shoot gone terribly wrong.

22-year-old Robyn-Lee Jansen responded to an ad for a shoot on the website "Model Mayhem", which connects photographers, models, makeup artists and others, according to CTV Network.

"He had a concept that he wanted to try with me, like a fire queen concept, which he had already had on his portfolio," Jansen said.

"The comments that were left on his page were really good, like he's great to work with, he's really considerate," she continued.

Jansen said the shoot at an abandoned warehouse started off smoothly, but after receiving multiple phone calls, the photographer began to appear rushed.

"And he just yells, 'Stand still this is going to be tricky. or this is where it gets tricky,' Jansen explained.

Jansen says she saw the photographer squirt something out of a bottle that he later referred to as tiki torch fluid or liquid paraffin.

The next thing she knew, she was on fire.

"So I dropped, ducked rolled into this really filthy puddle in this abandoned warehouse and the fire's out and I get up and I have no idea how bad I'm injured," Jansen recalled.

The model has been left with serious burns on her legs, hips, back, and arm, and plans to take legal action against the photographer.

"I've got second-degree burns on the majority, so about 25 percent of my body," Jansen said.

She also wants her story to serve as a warning to other models.

"Demand that there be safety, security and emergency procedures in place," Jansen warned.
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