Mom of recently deceased teen sobs when learning her mortgage is paid

A mom in Australia was struggling financially after losing her 19-year-old son. Her daughter reached out to a radio station for help and set up a special surprise.

The daughter, Crystal, set up a camera to capture the beautiful moment mom Michelle learned about it -- while listening to the radio.

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Crystal and her siblings, Jessica and Tom told Michelle she was going on a spa day and piled in the car together. As the family is driving, the radio show "Kyle and Jackie O" says they are about to do a segment giving back to someone who deserves it. Host Jackie O explains that the person who they will be donating to is listening to the show but unaware of what is about to happen.

Michelle looks curiously at her daughter as she realizes the host is talking to her.

Her daughter pulls the car over to collect herself when Jackie O gets to the part about her brother Blaine. He was recently killed in a freak accident at work.

"It's all very overwhelming for her," Jackie O explains of Michelle. "She is facing that pressure of having to go back to work, and she's not ready."

With Blaine gone and Michelle taking time off, the bills were piling up, Jackie O explains.

Then Michelle gets some uplifting news: Clarendon Homes will pay for Michelle's mortgage for the next six months. They will also help finish the renovations that Blaine started before he died.

"You don't have to rush back to work," they tell her. "You can take your time to grieve properly."

Even the announcer cries as Michelle is handed the phone and gets a chance to thank them.
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