What's The Deal: Year-end money moves

Believe it or not, we are just 15 days away from 2020. That means time is running out to make important financial moves to set you up in the new year.
Fortunately, our friends at MoneyTalksNews, came up with a few simple ways to get your financial house in order before December 31st.

There are things you should do at the end of every year to make sure you keep your financial house in order. Sound like a chore? Not really.

Most of this stuff you can do during commercial breaks while you're watching Action News.

First: Passwords. You need to change them more often than annually, but if you haven't done it, do it now.

The best solution? A free program that creates and remembers passwords automatically. You just remember one, it does the rest.

Next: Check your credit report. In less than 5 minutes, you can get a free copy from each of the big three agencies.

How about your 401(k) or other investments?

You have until next April to fund that IRA, but you've only got until year-end to max your 401(k). You can stash away $19,000, if you're under 50, and up to $25,000, if you'll be 50 by December 31st.

Also, look to see if it's time to rebalance?

Use the stock market or other investment losses to offset gains elsewhere, or reduce your taxable income, up until December 31st.

Then there's donations. If you have time between now and the holidays, clean out those drawers, closets, or storage rooms. Next time you go out, drop them off at a Goodwill or other donation site, and earn a tax-deductible contribution.

Another easy task: scan some important papers and store them online.

You'll clear clutter, protect yourself, and get more organized at the same time.

And finally: make a will.

If you don't have one, at least do something quick, easy and cheap online. It only takes a few minutes.

Another thing you can do is look for ways to get a tax credit, like one for energy savings.

You still have time to install a solar system and get a credit for 30% of the cost.
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