Morning Moms: Telford mom Sarah Parmer embraces the yes

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Thursday, November 19, 2020
Morning Moms | Sarah Parmer
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Morning Moms | Sarah Parmer

TELFORD, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The key helping one mother thrive while parenting during the pandemic has been one simple word: Yes.

But Sarah Parmer from Telford admits it has not been easy.

When the pandemic started, her family had just welcomed home their third baby through adoption.

Sarah also has a very active two year old and her six-year-old daughter is on the Autism spectrum.

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Sarah decided it was best to quit her job as a registered nurse to tackle her family's needs while advocating for her daughter's education.

Instead of worrying about the little things, Sarah says, once she started embracing the yes her whole outlook changed.

Sarah also started a gratitude journal and is making time for herself during the day.

While the kids nap, she will try to read a book or watch tv just to have some "me" time.