National Gun Violence Survivors Week: Area organizations rally behind victims, survivors during event in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The second annual National Gun Violence Survivors Week came to an end Saturday in the East Falls section of Philadelphia.

Moms Demand Action and several local organizations gathered to rally behind victims and survivors and their families.

Melodie Jackson's son Markeem was shot eight times in November 2018, although he survived his quality of life is forever altered and he remains in a wheelchair.

Jackson said she began discovering programs in place to help survivors.

"It's such a warm atmosphere and I feel welcomed every time I'm in their company...I was carrying this by myself. No one could really relate to what I was going through," she said.

The event Saturday allowed survivors and victims' families to listen to other people's struggles with gun violence through rapping, speeches, poems and a wall of photographs.

There were people at the ready to discuss programs that can help those whose lives have been changed by gunshots.

City and state leaders addressed the group. Mayor Kenney spoke to Action News, saying more needs to be done in Washington and Harrisburg with restricting access to guns.

"While I take responsibility and will shoulder the responsibility for getting those numbers down someone's got to shoulder the responsibility for allowing those weapons in our society."
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